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tree removal in portland orAs proud Oregon residents, we love our trees. They’re part of our everyday life and landscape here in Portland. However, even the most passionate nature lovers know all trees must someday come down. That’s when we count on expert tree removal services.

At Portland Tree Service, we are passionate about providing high-quality tree care for your home or business. As expert arborists, we are dedicated to the preservation of our urban forests while providing safe, professional results. In addition to tree removal, call on us for other services including trimming, risk assessments, storm damage, bracing, fertilization, and more.

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    Reasons for Tree Removal

    Deciding that it’s time to remove a tree can be a difficult but important decision. As beautiful as they are, there are many reasons that some trees are at risk of causing more harm than good. So what are some of those reasons?

    If a tree is clearly dead, have it removed immediately. Dead trees have a high risk of broken limbs and can quickly become a hotspot for pests and diseases. A damaged, cracked or infested tree often creates similar problems and should be assessed by a professional.

    Other reasons for removal may include trees growing too close to property such as structures, sidewalks or utility lines. Roots or stray branches can cause major safety and structural issues creating problems much larger than the tree itself.

    Construction and property renovations may also call for tree removal. Trees that cause excessive shade, sap, leaves, needles, etc. may also need to be removed.

    Trying to remove a tree without an expert can be hazardous not only for you, but for our urban forests. Hiring certified professionals like Portland Tree Services ensures the utmost care and safety for all.

    Portland Tree Service Pricing

    We always start with a free estimate and consultation so you are aware of likely job costs. From there, we will work with you to create a thorough plan based on your specific needs. A pamphlet will be provided, outlining how to make payments once the project is complete.

    Why Portland Tree Service?

    As both tree lovers and experts, we understand the complexities of tree removal in the Portland area. The City of Portland’s website details the stringent landscaping requirements and best practices designed for safety and urban forest preservation. Portland Tree Service strictly adheres to all guidelines.

    Tree removal is hazardous work and safety is our priority. All employees are insured and licensed. Never hesitate to ask for certifications and we will be happy to oblige.

    Lack of insurance is not only an issue of safety, but could also leave you liable in cases of injury. Hiring unlicensed, uncertified workers also increases the chances of shoddy work that can be damaging to your trees, plants, and property.

    When receiving your free estimate, trust our staff to walk you through the entire tree care and removal process. We know every client’s needs are unique and we’re here to listen and discuss all plans in-depth. We are committed to exceeding all expectations of safety, efficiency and satisfaction.

    Portland Tree Service takes safety, certification and proper tree care beyond expert levels. Our owner Aaron Krieger is an ISA Certified (PN-8224A) and TRAQ qualified arborist and Oregon native.

    In addition to following all city standards, we adhere to all industry standards and best practices as defined by the International Society of Arborists (ISA) and the Tree Card Industry Association (TCIA). This is essential not only for safety, but for the love of trees and arboriculture.

    As outdoor enthusiasts and active members of our community, maintaining urban forests in Portland is more than a job. Whether it’s tree removal, pruning or fertilization, assuring tree preservation for generations to come is our passion.

    Call Portland Tree Service today for a free estimate or consultation at (503) 896-6750. We look forward to discussing how we can create an incredible tree care and tree removal experience for your home or business.

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