Licensed & Insured ISA Certified Arborists (PN-8224A)
Portland, Oregon

tree trimming in portland oregonAs proud Portlanders, we love our trees. To best ensure the long-term health and preservation of our city’s trees, it’s essential to maintain their regular, skilled care. This is not only to improve appearance, but also to ensure proper growth of the healthiest branches, and diminish potential hazards and diseases.

Portland Tree Service’s expert ISA certified arborists (PN-8224A) thrive on providing the proper, professional and artful pruning of our greenery. No matter the size of the job, we are thoroughly trained on providing the utmost care and efficiency for each project.

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    Why Should My Trees Be Pruned?

    By trusting our pruning services, you can count on:

    Our Pruning Process

    We carefully assess each job before starting, looking diligently for priority and problem areas. Every cut has a purpose, from promoting overall tree health, eliminating branches that may host diseases or cause damage, or improving the aesthetics of your yard. We are dedicated to providing our clients only the highest quality tree pruning services in the Portland area.

    Once assessed, our team will often use trucks, pulleys, ropes, and other tools, all chosen to best accomplish each job with the utmost safety and efficiency. Then, depending on factors including tree maturity, size, past pruning, and more, they will carefully prune your tree from top to bottom.

    With careful consideration in maintaining the tree’s aesthetic integrity and health, dead leaves, branches and limbs will be trimmed. Live limbs and foliage are also often pruned away to reduce the risk of storm damage, as well as improve the overall structure of the tree, minimizing unnecessary weight.

    Trust Our Expert Arborists

    While pruning, our team will also carefully look for, and report, any potential problems regarding tree health, including possible diseases, cracking, overgrown branches, and more. Though no action may be immediately needed, it’s our duty to inform clients of possible safety hazards to protect yourself, your property, and others.

    In addition, we also offer specialty pruning, including formal and custom styles. Whether you’re looking to better maintain your apple trees, or looking to keep your topiary in tip-top shape, our masterful team is at your service.

    As passionate arborists, we are also on-hand to provide our clients with aesthetic recommendations. This may include increased or decreased pruning, landscaping adjustments, or additional services to improve the health and appearances of your property.

    Quality & Satisfaction Guaranteed

    As always, safety and quality is a top-priority. All of our staff members are fully insured, certified and highly trained. We are diligent in following all City of Portland, International Society of Arborists (ISA) and Tree Card Industry Association (TCIA) standards and best practices.

    Proper pruning and tree maintenance is an ongoing process and we look forward to being your partner for all of your tree care needs, including tree trimming, storm damage, tree removal, and more. Call Portland Tree Service today for a free estimate or consultation at (503) 941-0922.

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