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tree health care in portland oregonWhether it’s the east winds or extreme rain, freaky ice storms or summer droughts, our trees in the tri county area need to withstand significant weather events. Add to this our urban landscape, compacting soil, and fertilizer run-off risks, and our tree health care can be a challenge in greater Portland.

Trees add value to your landscape and caring for them is an investment well worth every expense. At Portland Tree Service, our Certified Arborist wants to help you maintain and sustain that value. One call to us is all it takes to understand what your landscape needs to thrive.

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    Trees are Our Passion

    Keeping your trees healthy and thriving is our passion. At PTS, we know trees, and we love trees. Our International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist will discuss your trees and your landscape wants and needs.

    We then devise a plan to care for your trees that you can trust to meet your expectations and your budget in a timely manner. Your trees are serviced by experienced, trained and safety-oriented experts in their care.

    Considerations in Tree Health Care

    Proper tree health care begins with choices about landscape materials. How best to care for those plants to ensure their appropriate growth is part of each tree plan we develop. If trees suffer from pests, parasitic plants or damage, we assess what can be done to save them. When necessary, tree removal is part of that lifecycle as well.

    As the Oregon State University Extension Service outlines, factors from planting to long-term care are vital to understand when growing trees in the landscape. We can help you with all aspects of your tree’s care:

    Selecting the Right Tree

    Native conifers and deciduous trees are always a great choice, because they are least likely to succumb to pests and parasitics. Other considerations include available sunlight and space, tree size at maturity, and soil and water conditions. We include these factors in our recommendations for natives and non-native varieties.

    Creating a Growth-Friendly Habitat

    In the forests, trees benefit from what nature offers. Leaves fall and decompose. Annual plants die back. Trees tolerate their available water. We aim to build that same kind of growth-friendly ecosystem for your tree to do more than survive but thrive.

    Adding Fertilizer or Interventions

    While most trees do well in our soils with little intervention, certain conditions require our help. Parasitic plants, bacteria and viruses, fungi and nematodes are some of the things that can bug our trees. Over-exposure to chemicals, including fertilizers, destruction of root systems, and over- or under-watering can contribute to tree stress. We aim to create the balance of factors a tree needs to allow time to heal.

    Providing Pruning, Trimming and Shaping

    The reasons why a tree may require strategic pruning include wind or weather damage, inappropriate prior pruning, pest or parasitic damage, and root damage to name a few. Our shaping is designed to encourage the natural growth habit of the plant, while protecting your family and property from risks. Our plans include recommended regular care to ensure your tree’s safety.

    Removing a Tree Safely

    When a tree is no longer safe for any reason, we develop a removal plan that safeguards your hardscape, other landscape and surrounding property. Grinding a stump for full removal ensures the plant cannot return and provides opportunity for plant replacement. We explain your options for removal to assure you of a trouble-free landscape afterwards.

    Our Commitment to Knowledgeable Care

    When you hire Portland Tree Service, you can rest easy about our commitment to science-based, research-proven care for your trees and landscape. We pride ourselves on our professional development, protection of the Pacific Northwest environment, and service to our community. This translates into the highest quality care for your landscape’s needs.

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