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tree fertilization in portland oregonWe all want a gorgeous yard of lush, healthy trees. The best way to ensure a thriving landscape is regular fertilization customized to your tree’s specific needs. If you’re looking for a professional team with years of commercial and residential experience fertilizing in the Portland area, look no further than Portland Tree Service.

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    Why Should My Trees Be Fertilized?

    In a completely untouched setting, a forest’s natural life-cycles sustain proper nutrition for trees and plant life. Fallen leaves, twigs, fruits, and other organic materials decompose, ultimately providing the nutrient-rich soil needed for healthy tree growth.

    However, in the cities, much of these elements get cleaned up or raked away eliminating the chance for their nutrients to ever reach our trees. Unnatural competition between lawns, gardens, and other trees also steals away any additional resources.

    Regular fertilization simply provides the necessary nutrients your trees naturally desire. Locally owned and operated, Portland Tree Service employs an ISA-certified team of arborists, all specializing in Oregon’s unique flora and fauna. Trust our professionals to expertly fertilize your trees, perfectly replenishing the minerals and nutrients they crave.

    Our Fertilization Process

    For each project, our experts will thoroughly analyze your unique landscape system and create a fertilizer blend customized exclusively for your yard’s specific needs. Plant life variety, tree age, location, soil quality, and more, can all greatly affect the optimal formula for your greenery.

    We will then deliver all fertilizer to your property and strategically lay the mixture throughout the yard where needed. Ensuring the fertilizer is placed upon the entirety of the root system, which often extends past the branches, is integral for thorough fertilization. Count on the certified Portland Tree Service team to provide incredible coverage with only the best results.

    Once placed, you can soon expect increased vitality, growth enhancement, and greater resistance to infection and infestation all year long. Our experts are also on hand to happily answer any questions about maintaining your plants, trees, and landscape post-fertilization.

    Is Tree Fertilization Right For Me?

    Still unsure if fertilization is right for your trees? Ask yourself:

    • Are your trees failing to thrive?
    • Do they lack the bright colors they once had?
    • Are leaves and branches growing more slowly than they used to?
    • Is the soil in your yard lacking key nutrients?
    • Have your tree been showing more signs of disease or infestations?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, fertilization may be a great option to boost the vigor of your beloved tree and plants. Our expert team is also always on hand at (503) 941-0922 to answer any questions about fertilization, or any other tree care needs.

    Incredible Service & Results Guaranteed

    Amazing customer service and tree care quality is our top priority. Our entire staff are fully insured, certified and highly trained, tree loving professionals. We are diligent in following all City of Portland, International Society of Arborists (ISA) and Tree Card Industry Association (TCIA) standards and best practices.

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    We look forward to becoming your reliable Portland area tree care professional from basic tree maintenance, trimming & pruning, tree removal, storm damage cleanup, and more.

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