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stump grinding in portland oregonSometimes the last remnant of an old tree is the trickiest to oust. Whether that tree stump exists as the final piece of a recently removed tree, or has been sitting in the yard for years, eventually it has got to go. For stump removal in the greater Portland area, trust the expert arborists at Portland Tree Service to safely regain every inch of your property.

Tree stumps are often more than just eyesores; they can also create safety issues and attract unwanted mold, insects, or other pests. Stumps also take up valuable yard space. Aesthetically, those few extra feet gained can make a massive difference, allowing extra room for fresh sod, a small garden, or even a brand new tree.

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    Why Choose Stump Grinding?

    Stump grinding is often the best, most efficient way to remove most tree stumps. Though you can rent a stump grinding machine, for your safety, we highly recommend hiring a certified tree care and stump grinding service. At Portland Tree Service, we are experts at all methods of tree stump removal. By calling us, we guarantee the utmost professionalism with impeccable results, tailored perfectly to fit Oregon’s distinct urban forest system.

    How Does Stump Grinding Work?

    So how does it work? At the beginning of each project, as every yard is unique, we carefully evaluate the stump, root system, and surrounding landscape. Elements such as wood type, size, nearby power and sprinkler lines, property, and more can greatly affect our strategy.

    After determining the scope of the project, we will give you a quote so you know what to expect before we begin. Once the project is officially approved, we will begin executing the most efficient, and safe, stump removal process possible.

    Depending on the expected job complexity, our team employs several methods of removing that stubborn stump. Most commonly, we use a mechanical grinder that uses a high-powered toothed disk to quickly grind the stump and its attached roots into small pieces, allowing for easy removal.

    Other methods may include digging out the entire stump, using pulleys and ropes, manual chopping or digging, etc. All decisions are made with the utmost consideration to your property and our safety.

    Once the stump has been completely removed, we’ll clean up any leftover debris, leaving your yard in better condition than ever. If you’re unsure on how you’d like to landscape your yard post-stump, count on our expert arborists to provide their professional recommendations. We can even start strategizing your next project.

    Guaranteed Safety & Satisfaction

    As always, safety and quality is a top priority. Our entire tree care team is fully insured, certified and trained specifically to serve the Pacific Northwest’s forest system. We are diligent in following all City of Portland, International Society of Arborists (ISA) and Tree Card Industry Association (TCIA) standards and best practices.

    Portland Tree Service is dedicated to exceeding all expectations of safety, efficiency and satisfaction. It’s our mission to foster long-term relationships with our clients, and all of their current and future tree care needs.

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