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storm damage in portland oregonWhen extreme weather slams the Portland, Oregon area, causing major storm damage to your property, figuring out what’s next can be overwhelming. As residents of our urban forest, fallen limbs and downed trees are common consequences of ice storms, massive winds, snow, excessive rain, and more. So what should you do when disaster strikes your commercial or residential property?

Call the trusted tree professionals at Portland Tree Service at (503) 941-0922. Our expert, fully certified team is always prepared, day or night, to carefully clean up any tree or property storm destruction, no matter the size or challenges.

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    Why Choose a Professional Storm Clean Up Service?

    Never attempt to clean up any weather damage on your own. The risks of injury, and even death, are just as high after a storm than it is during the storm itself. Stray power lines, debris, shattered glass and splintered wood are just some of the many post-storm dangers confronting a clean up team, and should only be conducted by certified professionals.

    As soon as you suspect any weather damage has occurred, call on highly trained, ISA certified arborist services like Portland Tree Service immediately. Don’t try to evaluate or take care of any tree or storm related damage for the safety of yourself and others. Our expert team will be at your property in no time to accurately estimate and resolve all issues with the utmost safety and efficiency.

    Our Storm Clean Up Process

    We will work closely with you to evaluate any appropriate next steps in clearing all limbs, trees, glass, and other debris from your property. We are highly trained in finding hidden safety hazards, and determining viability, restoration and/or removal of all damaged trees, landscaping, and property.

    Once the site is evaluated, our certified crew will thoroughly clear all timber and debris from your yard with care, ensuring no additional damage to your property. Before you know it, Portland Tree Service will have your yard back in perfect shape.

    We also recommend and offer tree and landscaping consultations regarding preventative tree care measures to resolve potential problems before they start. Trust our professionals to catch any issues including rotting limbs, cracks, oversized branches, and more, ultimately saving you money and stress when a storm inevitably hits the Portland, Oregon area.

    Complete Safety & Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

    Our record of safety and quality is a place of pride at Portland Tree Service. Our entire team is fully insured, certified and trained specifically to serve the Pacific Northwest’s unique forest system. We are diligent in following all City of Portland, International Society of Arborists (ISA) and Tree Card Industry Association (TCIA) standards and best practices.

    Our goal at Portland Tree Service is to exceed all of your clean up expectations. We want you to count on us for all of your Portland area tree care needs for years to come.

    Portland Tree Service is proud to be a locally owned and operated team. We are dedicated to providing the safest storm damage clean up, tree removal & trimming possible for our clients and fellow community members. Call us 24/7 at (503) 941-0922 and we’ll have your property safe, secure, and back to normal in no time.

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