During the Shelter in Place order, Portland Tree Service is continuing to offer essential tree services. ISA Certified and Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Arborist owned, we recognize that trees can pose a serious risk to people, property, and structures; cause damage when not maintained or cared for; or impede public safety or infrastructure.

As always, we prioritize safety. We will continue to provide essential tree services while practicing strict social distancing and following CDC hygiene recommendations to flatten the COVID19 curve.

We are:

  • working with a smaller essentials-only sized work crew (2-4 crew members)
  • staying at least 6’ away from customers and each other at all times
  • driving separate vehicles to job sites
  • sanitizing surfaces and hands; wearing gloves when necessary
  • staying home if showing any sick symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing)
  • accepting payments left on doorsteps (or hidden location designated by homeowners) for pick up before we leave the jobsite, mailed in, or made online or via phone with a credit card.

Essential tree services that we will continue to focus on are:

  • Hazard and dangerous tree removals
  • Pruning of dead, dying, or dangerous limbs
  • Utility line and Road safety clearance
  • Lumber and firewood production and (no contact) sales
  • Cabling or bracing of hazardous trees
  • Emergency response and storm damage mitigation
  • Assessments of tree hazards and pests (arborist reports)

If you have any concerns about your trees, do not hesitate to call us. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us during this time.

We wish you good health and safety during this time. Please remember to wash your hands, maintain strict social distancing, and stay home if you can. We appreciate your continued support.