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Portland, Oregon

firewood in portland oregonHere in the Pacific Northwest, we can always count on our chilly long nights and drizzly, grey days. At Portland Tree Service, we love how our signature climate provides us the beautiful, green landscape we’re lucky to call home. So when the temperature inevitably drops, how will you stay warm?

What’s more Oregon than recycling our state’s own extra timber to heat up our homes or property using renewable energy? With Portland Tree Service, we’ll get you stocked up with only the highest quality locally sourced firewood, perfectly prepared for your fireplace, stoves, campfires, and more.

As a busy tree removal service, it’s our job to take down countless trees and branches every year due to age, fire mitigation, unsafe growth, building sites, and more. The ability to recycle the wood from these trees provides the added benefit of knowing that every branch, trunk, and stump can still be used post-removal.

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    Types of Firewood

    There are multiple types of firewood you may receive or request, all harvested within the Pacific Northwest. Each has a different burn profile, so talk to our certified tree experts and we’ll help you choose the right firewood or firewood mix for your specific needs. Our wood options include (depending on availability):

    • Big Leaf Maple
    • Douglas Fir
    • Pine
    • Oregon Ash
    • Oak
    • Apple

    Firewood Collection & Delivery

    The tree-loving arborists at Portland Tree Service put the same passion into our firewood as they do the living trees they care for every day. After cutting or removing a tree, our team will take all usable, leftover wood, and cut it to 16-inch lengths to fit nearly all stoves and fireplaces.

    Then, all wood is seasoned, meaning every piece has been carefully stripped, cleaned of debris, and stored for two years, allowing it to completely dry out. Correctly seasoned firewood allows for much longer burn times and less smoke than fresher firewood.

    Once seasoned, the firewood is tightly stacked, ensuring customers receive as much timber as possible. It is then divided into cords (128 Cubic feet). Finished firewood is sold by the cord, or in cord increments.

    Upon receiving each order, our team will deliver your firewood to your desired location, and then unload each piece into a proper stack, ensuring safe assembly.

    Trust Our Sustainable Harvesting Process

    Remember, permits are needed to harvest firewood in the state of Oregon, no matter if you are planning on selling the wood commercially, or only for personal use. Even the collection of fallen branches, leaves, or wood chunks can lead to a fine of up to $5,000. Don’t take the risk, respect our Oregon’s trees, and choose a trusted firewood service instead.

    All firewood is harvested in accordance to requirements from the Oregon Department of Forestry. Order with full confidence that completely all harvesting was fully sustainable, based on practices established to conserve our precious forestlands.

    So whether you’re looking to cozy up by the fireplace, or gather around the fire pit telling ghost stories, trust our Portland arborists to deliver the best firewood in the Portland area. Call us today for wood options, order sizes, and estimates at (503) 941-0922.

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