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At Portland Tree Service, we are dedicated to providing tree care for the entire lifecycle of the tree: from planting, tree health care, seasonal maintenance and pruning, and tree removals when they become necessary, to urban salvage and wood recycling. Our ISA Certified, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Arborist and crew recognizes and respects our professional and ethical duty and responsibility to the tree, the customer, the aesthetic of Portland’s urban treescape, and the sustainability of our greater Pacific Northwest Forestlands.

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    Offering services including tree removal, pruning and trimming, health risk assessments, storm damage cleanup, stump grinding, cables and bracing, fertilization, and more. Call on us (or use the form above) for all of your tree care needs in the Portland, OR area.

    We know every client’s landscaping objectives are unique. Our team is committed to discussing each plan in-depth while ensuring only the best results.

    About Us

    Mission Statement: Portland Tree Service is committed to providing quality professional and sustainable tree care and tree services while maintaining high standards of safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

    Portland Tree Service is owned and operated by Oregon native, Aaron Krieger. His passion for arboriculture was born from his love of outdoor recreation. Restless working a traditional office job, he started his outdoor career as a Wildland Firefighter, and is now licensed by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB #198715), an ISA Certified Arborist (PN-8224A), who is also TRAQ qualified (Tree Risk Assessment Qualified). He is extremely knowledgeable about the Pacific Northwest plant life, landscapes, and forests, and continues to educate himself on a personal and professional development level.

    PTS is now comprised of staff and crew members who are as passionate about our PNW forestlands and urban treescape as he is. We don’t just work outdoors, we play outdoors: hike, bike, snow, and camp. We also give back to local trail building and park projects by volunteering time and resources to ensure our outdoor recreation lands are protected and maintained for future generations to enjoy.

    Portland Tree Service is locally owned and operated. We love the PNW and are committed to preserving its awesomeness through trees.

    Tree Removal

    From the simplest of jobs to the most complex, we’ll work directly with you to devise the perfect plan for your specific case. Our ISA Certified arborist team is prepared to help, whether your tree removal reasons are urgent or aesthetic.

    Trust us to walk you through the entire process, from initial inspections to the actual removal. Our ISA certified arborists are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

    Portland Tree Service strives to create the most successful tree removal possible. Expertly using both new technologies and classic techniques, our typical methods for removal may include free ropes and climbing, cranes, bucket trucks or pulley systems. All decisions are made with the utmost consideration for safety, property and quality.

    Our knowledgeable staff is always up-to-date on all city and industry standards and best practices, as defined by the International Society of Arborists (ISA) and the Tree Card Industry Association (TCIA). This strict adherence stems not only for safety’s sake, but also for the preservation of Oregon’s incredible forestlands.

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    tree trrimming in portland

    Tree Trimming

    We have a passion for caring for our Oregon trees. Part of that process involves regular, professional tree trimming & pruning. This is not only to improve appearance, but also to ensure proper growth of the healthiest branches, and diminish possible hazards and diseases.

    Portland Tree Service’s expert arborists thrive on ensuring the proper trimming and pruning of our community’s trees. No matter the size of the job, we are thoroughly trained on providing the utmost care and professionalism for each project.

    We carefully assess each job before starting, looking for potential danger zones and priority areas. Every cut has a purpose, whether it’s eliminating problem branches, promoting tree health, or improving the overall aesthetics. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most beautiful, natural, and safe results possible.

    During the trimming and pruning process, we will also monitor and report any potential recommendations regarding future tree health. Proper maintenance is an on-going process and we look forward to being your long-term partner for all of your tree care needs.

    As always, safety and quality is a top-priority. All of our tree trimmers are insured, certified and highly trained, tree loving professionals. We are diligent in following all City of Portland, International Society of Arborists (ISA) and Tree Card Industry Association (TCIA) standards and best practices.

    Stump Grinding

    So your tree has finally been removed, but what about the remaining stump? Hiring a reliable stump grinding service is your best bet on efficient stump removal, giving you back that precious yard space. Rely on Portland Tree Service for your stump grinding needs, from the straightforward to the technical.

    We carefully evaluate each project, taking into account wood type and size, surrounding property, power and sprinkler lines, and more. Then we’ll create and execute the most efficient removal plan possible, ensuring the safety of people and property.

    Once the removal is complete, we’ll clean up any leftover debris. Our tree-loving professionals will also be happy to provide recommendations on what to do with your newfound space.

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    storm damage in portland oregon

    Storm Damage Cleanup

    The aftermath of a major storm here in Portland can mean major damage to your trees and property. Stray power lines and debris also make any clean up attempts extremely dangerous. Always call on certified professionals like Portland Tree Service to take care of any damages for the safety of yourself and others.

    We’re on call 24/7 for your emergency tree care needs and are ready to tackle any tree-related damage. No matter the size, we are here to handle it with care. Our expert arborists can also provide tree and landscaping consultations regarding possible preventative measures to resolve potential problems before they start.

    Other Services


    Proper fertilization is essential for healthy, sustainable trees and green spaces. Count on our certified professionals to thoroughly analyze your current landscape system and create a customized, nutrient-rich fertilizer blend for your yard’s unique needs.

    With this expert approach, expect increased vitality, growth enhancement, and a reduction in diseases and insects.


    Be prepared for our chilly, Pacific Northwest nights and stock up with our high quality firewood. Purchase with confidence knowing our firewood is collected using only the most sustainable harvesting practices.

    All firewood is delivered to your home having been cleaned, cut to size, completely dried, and tightly stacked. With a variety of wood options and order sizes, call Portland Tree Service today at 503-896-6750 for an estimate.

    Tree Health Assessment

    Schedule regular check-ups by our certified arborists to help you find potential problem areas before they start. This could potentially save you money, and a lot of headaches, down the road.

    Using expansive tree care knowledge and top technologies, our experts will conduct a thorough tree health and risk assessment. Once analyzed, recommendations will be made based on our findings. We will then discuss our results, together determining how we can best accomplish all of your upcoming tree care needs.

    Tree Health Care

    Maintaining healthy trees on your property is an ongoing process. Rely on our expertise at to maintain incredible tree care with a smile.

    From regular trimming and pruning, fertilization, and keeping a watchful eye out for potential problems, count on the passionate tree lovers at Portland Tree Service to keep your landscape beautiful, healthy and vibrant all year long.

    Cables & Bracing

    The installation of cables or bracing can be essential to long-term tree health, personal safety, and minimizing property damage. Whether you’re looking to assist in the growth of a new sapling, or reinforce massive, complex tree systems and urban canopies, our certified arborists will ensure proper structural support.

    We know every tree is different. Our knowledgeable team will analyze each tree, the surrounding landscape, and your specific needs, to best devise an appropriate structure that respects the tree’s integrity and provides exceptional support and safety for years to come.

    Arborist Reports

    As certified professionals in arboriculture, we are qualified to conduct official arborist reports. We will extensively analyze the overall health and condition of the tree including areas of concern, possible diseases or infestations, tree damage, etc.

    We will then compile a technical report identifying possible risks, needed maintenance, the tree’s overall condition, life expectancy, structural integrity, and more.

    Service Area

    Portland Tree Service is proud to call Portland and its surrounding areas home. We currently service:

    Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties. Specific cities we cover are Fairview, Gresham, Lake Oswego, Maywood Park, Milwaukie, Portland, Troutdale, Wood Village in Multnomah County; Clackamas, Barlow, Canby, Estacada, Gladstone, Happy Valley, Johnson City, Molalla, Oregon City, Rivergrove, Sandy, Tualatin, West Linn, Wilsonville in Clackamas County; and Beaverton, Bethany, Cornelius, Durham, Hillsboro, King City, Metzger, Raleigh Hills, Rock Creek, Sherwood, Tigard in Washington County.

    Why Portland Tree Service?

    Portland Tree Service is locally owned and operated by PNW natives. We know firsthand the importance and impact our trees have on our homes, neighborhoods, and cities. Being an arborist and tree service company isn’t just a job, but another way for us to give back and contribute.

    Portland Tree Service is committed to exceeding all expectations of safety, efficiency, and satisfaction. If you are any less than 100% satisfied, please contact us immediately. We want to foster long-term relationships with our customers and their trees.

    We know every customer’s tree needs are unique. Whether you’re unsure what trees to plant in your yard, you need an annual prune and tree trimming, you have a tree that may pose a possible danger to your home, or you need to remove a beloved tree but want to salvage its wood so you can appreciate your tree beyond removal, you can call Portland Tree Service and know that we have the knowledge, experience and skill, and equipment to get the job done.

    Call Portland Tree Service today for a free estimate or consultation at 503-896-6750.

    We are excited to begin a trusting, long-term relationship in expert tree care for your home or business. Contact Portland Tree Service today and let’s get started.